Farmer Ben's Eggs, Family Owned in the Cowichan Valley

Regarding the inhumane treatment of birds on the CTV video: At our farm we do not use the catching crew that was used in the video. We employ local people to perform these tasks for us along with our own employees.

Either Ian (owner) or our farm manager is on site supervising the entire time. The catchers on our farm sign a document EVERY time they are on farm, this document explains clearly what and how we expect them to perform their duties. It is very clear that no abuse is tolerated. The birds must be handled with care and compassion at all times no exceptions. We were appalled by the video.

Cowichan Grown EggsA second generation family owned and operated farm located at 1711 Herd Road, Duncan, BC V9L 5W5.

We are proud to be the largest egg producer serving Vancouver Island since 1994.
“Island Fresh for Island Families!”
Raised without the use of antibiotics, hormones or steroids.

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Laying Hen Farmer Ben's EggsOur eggs are always 100% Island produced. We are a locally owned and family run egg production and wholesale operation, located in the Cowichan Valley on Vancouver Island.

Our eggs come from the flock of layers that we have on our farm. We grade the eggs at our Canadian Food Inspection Agency licensed Grading Station, and package a variety of sizes, including:

  • Large Grade A White
  • Large Grade A Brown
  • Extra Large White
  • Extra Large Brown
  • White, Large, Medium and Jumbo Large Brown Dark Yolk.

We also carry Large Brown Free Run. Our eggs are packaged into a variety of sized cartons to suit customer needs. Our three vehicles deliver product from Victoria to Campbell River.